Conner Management Group

Investment Management For Modern Times

Conner Management Group is a registered investment management firm based in Pearland, Texas, serving the Greater Houston area and other clients worldwide.  We are a professional money manager that provides wealth management services using our proprietary growth and value based software.  Our algorithms review, analyze, and rank over 6,000 stocks every week.  Additionally we publish a podcast highlighting the top stocks to buy now. Our podcast is branded under the name The Best Stocks To Buy and can be readily found on the major podcast platforms.


Our Goal Is to Accelerate Your Saving and Retirement Assets Through Targeted Investments in the Stock Market.  

Another day,  another week, another month, another year. Another birthday, another holiday, another vacation, another good time with good friends.  Everyone wants to have at least a comfortable retirement. Some of us want to retire early. And some of us want some extra cushion right now over the next 6 months to a year.


So how do people usually go about meeting their financial goals today?

Mutual Funds, ETF's

Most pick out some well known largely diversified mutual funds, as part of their company retirement plan or as part of their IRA account. Some pick out industry sector Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) - a different kind of diversification.  Others choose a stock index fund for a few seasons to try to catch industry trends.  Then again, others hire a financial advisor to help them select mutual funds or investment managers as well as make financial moves to protect their assets.

Downsides?  The average mutual fund has over 150 different stock investments.  At this level of diversification, it is often arguable that it is better to invest in a cheaper stock index fund. Investing in an ETF is a little better, in that it at least allows you to take a bet on an industry trend. The financial advisor role is especially important when it comes to making financial moves to protect assets.  While the financial advisor role's as a subject matter expert about stock market trends during volatile times, can be comforting, whether that role is worth their fee is a debate people do have.  Additionally, many do not know, in the great majority of instances, that the money managers they suggest can only be from a pre-approved list of money managers - most of whom they do not personally know. 

Real Estate, High Net Worth Options

People invest in real estate.  Real estate is usually a good investment against inflation. People with large nest eggs can invest in hedge funds. Others can invest in privately owned businesses. 

Downsides?  The downsides with these opportunities is usually related to liquidity. These kinds of investments usually require a multi-year commitment and therefore cannot be exited quickly. Investors in hedge funds usually cannot withdraw their funds for periods of 12 to 18 months once invested.

So what's special about the Conner Management Group offering?

  1. We are a money manager.  We find targeted growth and value-based stock investment opportunities using our own self developed software not available anywhere else. Our software reviews, analyzes, and ranks over 6,000 stocks every week.
  2. We use a separately managed account arrangement - unlike with mutual funds and ETFs, you are always in control, and you can see your positions and balances 24/7.
  3. As a registered investment advisor we can directly manage all or just a portion of your IRA and trust assets as well as regular taxable accounts.
  4. Our money management service can be a great compliment to your existing saving and retirement assets.  We offer both medium and high risk-reward strategies to meet your desired risk appetite. 
  5. As a client you can directly speak to the person investing your funds - not a financial advisor that is usually at least one person removed from the direct investment process.
  6. We invest our clients in concentrated stock investment portfolios consisting of 10 to 20 positions that we watch very closely.  In contrast, the average mutual fund invests in 150 different stock positions.
  7. We identify target prices before entering all positions, then update our outlook weekly. This keeps us responsive to changing market conditions.
  8. We provide professional monthly performance summary reports that readily allow you to see how your account has performed over time.
  9. We produce a weekly newsletter sharing our original research and other personally curated articles on investing and money we think you would enjoy. You get a feel for how we think and what we consider important.

Our goal is to serve and to inspire our clients with a high quality investment management service that is both personal and informative.  We are pleased with what we have developed at Conner Management Group and sincerely look forward to making you another delighted client.