Conner Management Group

Investment Management For Modern Times

Conner Management Group is a registered investment management firm based in Pearland, Texas, serving the Greater Houston area and other clients worldwide.  We are a professional money manager that provides wealth management services using our proprietary growth and value based software.  Our algorithms review, analyze, and rank over 6,000 stocks every week.  Additionally we publish a podcast highlighting the top stocks to buy now. Our podcast is branded under the name The Best Stocks To Buy and can be readily found on the major podcast platforms.

How does a separately managed account (ie. My own stock/bond portfolio) with Conner Management Group differ from a mutual fund or pooled account?

A separately managed account is an investment account managed by professionals in which you own the securities, not units of a mutual fund. Because of this, separately managed accounts are more transparent than mutual funds or other pooled investment vehicles as you can see what companies you are invested in. Separate accounts also allow your investment manager to address your personal investment goals more specifically and they allow you to take advantage of certain tax efficiencies that are unavailable when you invest exclusively in a fund.