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Conner Management Group is a registered investment management firm based in Pearland, Texas, serving the Greater Houston area and other clients worldwide.  We are a professional money manager that provides wealth management services using our proprietary growth and value based software.  Our algorithms review, analyze, and rank over 6,000 stocks every week.  Additionally we publish a podcast highlighting the top stocks to buy now. Our podcast is branded under the name The Best Stocks To Buy and can be readily found on the major podcast platforms.

The Firm

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best quality of investment management service possible.  Our objectives are to do this both in terms of (1) Performance and (2) Service Experience.

We developed a set of proprietary algorithms that reviews, analyzes and ranks investment opportunities based on multiple criteria.  While we cannot make any guarantees with regard to performance, we are confident our investment approach and algorithms have the potential to achieve above average returns when compared to most mutual funds.

We sincerely believe that there have been many advances in technology and communication over the past decade that can substantially increase transparency and quality of service in the investment management business.  We are raising the engagement bars with our clients by making ourselves accessible, letting you see how we think, and sharing with you our assessments of what has gone right and wrong within each of our portfolio strategies.



Conner Management Group is an investment management firm serving the interests of:

  • Families & Individual Investors
  • Business Owners
  • Family Offices
  • Financial Advisors
  • Fund Managers

All of our strategies coupled with our proprietary algorithms can be readily modified to suit specific preferences or needs.

Our opening account minimum is $25,000 and  is consistent with other mainstream providers.  While our minimum is consistent with competitors, we clearly over deliver  in the area of client communication and access.   Click on the image below to see how we compare:



Through several years of development CMG has developed a combined value and growth investing methodology that can be slightly modified to serve the interests of different investors.

Different investors have different risk profiles and different time horizons.  We believe all investors can be served well by beginning with a value oriented approach.  A value oriented approach is the basis for all of our portfolio holdings in that it seeks to provide a "moat" of protection against unforseen circumstances while still allowing for upside appreciation.   For this reason all of our strategies start with a value-first approach. 

CMG is providing its investment management service through what is known as a managed account.  Managed accounts are an ever increasing investment management solution that has many advantages clients welcome.  You the client, open and fund an account with a service provider, known as a custodian, and simply give CMG the discretion to simply invest those funds. These custodians are pretty household names. The leading custodians for separately managed accounts are Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade, and Interactive Brokers.


A managed account allows an investment manager the ability to invest your funds in a variety of financial investments and you the client can receive a single financial statement.  If you have particular requirements on the types of investments you want to avoid, it is an easy accommodation using separately managed accounts.  Furthermore, a separately managed account also allows us to spread the transaction costs for any of our executed investments across clients.  Again providing a benefit to you. 


Our podcast, The Best Stocks To Buy, can be found on iTunes (see link in upper right corner), Stitcher Radio,  Pocket Casts, and many other podcast player platforms.   Our podcast is unique and provides stand-out content driven by our own proprietary stock selection software.


Under our investment management service we offer 4 different strategies.  You can choose one or several.  The strategies below can be readily modified to satisfy a personal preference or special need.


  • Invests in dividend paying stocks with appreciation potential.
  • Pursues undervalued investment opportunities.
  • This is a long only (buy and hold) strategy, with minimal portfolio turnover.
  • There is no use of derivatives.
  • There is no shorting of stocks (bets that profit if the stock declines in price).
  • Objective is to invest in 30 stocks and risk manage these names closely.


  • Invests in undervalued stocks with high price appreciation potential.
  • This is a long only (buy and hold) strategy.
  • There is no use of derivatives.
  • There is no shorting of stocks (bets that profit if the stock declines in price).
  • Objective is to invest in only 30 stocks and risk manage these names closely.


  • Invests in stocks that are undervalued or overvalued AND are exhibiting recent favorable price movement and sentiment.
  • Takes both long and short investment positions as opportunities arise.
  • Pursues maximum profit with expected holding periods of 3 to 6 months.
  • Continually looks for the best investment opportunities.
  • Objective is to invest in only 30 stocks and risk manage these names closely.


  • A high-risk high-return potential strategy that invests in a portfolio of call and put options.
  • Option positions are based on stock investments that are undervalued or overvalued AND are exhibiting favorable price movement and sentiment.
  • Purchases in-the-money call or put options with expiration to maturities of 4 to 9 months.
  • Portfolio consists of options for 5 to 10 underlying stock positions.


G. Mathis Conner is an investment manager and podcast publisher.  He is the developer of the firm's proprietary stock investing algorithms.  He has broad and deep experience in the alternative investment market - evaluating, structuring, financing, modeling, and negotiating terms and conditions for the development, acquisition, and divestiture of over $15 billion of power, pipeline, mining and other infrastructure projects.

Mathis was born and raised in Queens, New York.  He was a  New York project finance banker before moving  to Houston, Texas for Enron Corp. in 1998. He loved the overall quality of life in the Houston area and decided to stay.




  • MBA Finance, University of Chicago
  • Master of Engineering, Cornell University
  • Bachelor of Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • NASD Security Licenses held: Series 63 & 65

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